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This montage of video footage touches on some of my core ideas when it comes to organizing and consumer advocacy. I want to thank Fig Media’s Melissa Fox for directing these snippets and for graciously putting these clips together for me.

2022 National Community Reinvestment Conference

In 2021, Illinois became the 2nd state to require banks, credit unions, and non-bank mortgage companies to invest in, loan to, and serve the entire community in which they are located. In this video, Brent discusses how Illinois was able to pass a state Community Reinvestment Act but why other states would not necessarily be able to follow the Illinois playbook.

2022 19th Annual High Cost Lending Summit
Brent Adams speaking at the 19th Annual High Cost Lending Summit

2022 High Cost Lending Summit. Brent starts around 4:12:35. This is a conversation among advocates about consumer protections in the states. Toward the latter part of the video, I speak to Illinois’s lack of consumer protections when it comes to pawnbrokers, who typically charge 240% APR for loans.

News Articles & OpEds

Op-Ed Contributor, Chicago Sun-Times, “Make a final push for fair housing for ex-offenders” (Aug. 21, 2019)

Guest Columnist, Daily Herald, “Illinois Should Embrace a National Rate Cap on Consumer Loans” (Dec. 15, 2019)

Illinois Should Embrace a National Rate Cap on Consumer Loans (Dec. 15, 2019)

Other Works Featuring Brent

When Dogs Heal: Powerful Stories of People Living with HIV and the Dogs That Saved Them
By Jesse Freidin (Author, Photographer), Christina Garofalo (Author), Robert Garofalo (Author), Zach Stafford (Author). Brent’s story is among those featured in the book.

High-Interest Loans in Chicago Target Black Neighborhoods: Statistical Significance on Steroids’ Shows Payday Borrowers Mostly Lived in Majority-Black ZIP Codes.
By Stephanie Zimmermann, Chicago Sun-Times, Nov 26, 2021. Brent is pictured and quoted extensively.

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