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brentspeaks coaches political candidates and executives on public speaking, speech writing/messaging, and debate preparation. Candidates have retained Brent for assistance with both oral and written communications, including position papers and responding to candidate questionnaires.

Firms have also turned to Brent for policy analysis and forecasting, which they use to advise institutional investors. 

brentspeaks represents brands that Brent trusts and uses or has used. Many of these brands are related to his passion for endurance sports. Brent has run more than 20 marathons and more than 10 triathlons, including a Half-Ironman.

brentspeaks Services

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Media/Speech Coach

Brent works with executives, entrepreneurs, elected officials, and political candidates on both rhetorical content (messaging) and style/delivery. He also has expertise in debate preparation.

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Speech-Writing/Campaign Communications

Brent writes many types of persuasive speeches, including stump speeches, “floor speeches,” and debate opening & closing statements. He also has extensive experience writing press releases, social media content, letters to the editor, and OpEds.

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Policy Expert

Brent writes position papers and responses to candidate questionnaires. As a leading consumer advocate, he is also able to provide insights on developments in the consumer protection space. Within that space, Brent is a recognized expert in consumer finance issues.

Brent also promotes products and services he uses and trusts.

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